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Amazon Virtual Assistant

What is an Amazon Virtual Assistant?

Amazon virtual assistant is one who can support and manage your Amazon business from a distant location. They can be hired full time, part-time, or on a temporary basis by job contract. Amazon Virtual assistant comes with various skills and can handle a variety of tasks. 

Depending Upon their skills, talent, and experience a virtual assistant can perform different administrative tasks. You can hire for your wearying activities such as Amazon marketing, product photo editing, data entry, data analysis, and research..

What can An Amazon Virtual Assistant Do?

Amazon Virtual Assistants come with an array of fields across the professional, business, academic, technical, and support zone. Most virtual assistants deal with a good sort of clients from across the country either they live in or from all around the world. Therefore, every virtual assistant has a different package for each business. If you’re selling products or services online (e-commerce) on Amazon then, Amazon Virtual Assistants will make your work easy and do their job for you. For instance, they’re experts at filling orders, creating sites, posting articles, doing social media, etc.

Amazon Virtual Assistant

Skills of a Amazon Virtual Assistant

Amazon may be an accelerating platform. So it’s essential to make sure that the VA you’re getting to work with is usually within the loop when it involves the newest updates from Amazon. They must have a great grip and basic training on Amazon Seller Central.

Keep in mind that it’s not all about training and past experience with Amazon Seller Central either. Some key soft skills that you simply got to search for in a VA are excellent communication skills, attention to detail, and great time management and organizational skills.

  • Word processing Skills
  • Oral Communication and writing skills
  • Computer skills
  • Self motivation and Discipline
  • Quick thinking and effective decision making
  • Passion for continuous learning

Vital Tasks Performed by AVA

Here is an array of ten different tasks you have within the virtual assistant community which will benefit the company with their talents.

  • Customer services
  • Fulfilling orders
  • Managing tracking information 
  • Listing new products
  • Running PPC ads on Amazon
  • Managing Customer feedback rating
  • Inventory on current products 
  • Website designing/ Development /Management 
  • Optimising Product content for Amazon SEO

Benefits of being a Virtual Assistant

Amazon Virtual Assistant Benefits

Being an Amazon virtual assistant is quite an easy and productive platform. Working as a virtual assistant came with an array of benefits. Such as


A VA Have freedom to make their own schedule, can work as late as they want, freedom of location, much easier to do

Work from home

Becoming a VA allowed you to work from anywhere. You do not need to travel to and fro to figure or sit at my desk wishing. It’s perfect for introverts.

Minimum Cost of Starting As Virtual Assistant

You just basically needed a laptop and a few tools to get started and also invested in some courses and e-books to help you learn new skills for a professional VA.

Set Your Own Rates

In this administrative profession you can set your rates design your packages independently.

Choose your client  

Before you start working with any clients, you got really clear your client about with whom you wanted to work. This will truly help you determine if a prospective client was a good fit or not also give you an idea of where to find ideal clients.

Overview of Chat Fuel and Many Chat?


Virtual Assistant And Chat Fuel

Chatfuel is referring to “Create chatbots easily and no coding required”.Chatfuel  perform a variety of tasks such as Send updates, gather feedback, receive and answer questions, and share content libraries of business doc.

User interface

Chatfuel has a powerful UX and a user-friendly interface. For Flow Builder, they’re using the concept of groups, blocks and cards. The cards include your actual bot messages like text, gallery, video etc. A block is that the collection of cards and a gaggle is that the collection of blocks.

This is a really unique take from the chatfuel team in terms of UX which actually makes it pretty easy for even the noobs to know and build the bot flow.

Many Chat

Amazon Virtual Assistant with ManyChat

ManyChat is a service that permits you to make chatbots for Facebook Messenger. You’ll use these chatbots for a variety of purposes, like marketing and customer care.

User interface

ManyChat provides you with two interface options to create a bot flow. In their basic flow builder, they need also looked to use the concept of blocks and cards almost like chatfuel. Except for newbies, it’s a touch tricky to know the interface and one must spend some amount of your time to urge conversant in bot flow page.

They have also introduced a haul and Drop editor recently and it’s an improvement needless to say . It gives an choice to visualize the entire bot flow in one single screen.

Amazon PPC Management

To run successful Amazon PPC ads, you should get up to date with the requisite factors of PPC. Below we’ve briefly described the key concepts and terminology about how an Amazon virtual assistant manages your Amazon PPC.

Targeting (Keyword, Product (ASIN), Category): 

Before setting up your Amazon PPC campaign, you’ll prefer to target your ads with supported keywords, product ASINs, or product categories on Amazon.

Search terms vs. Keywords: 

‘Search terms’ often refers to any search query the customer types into Amazon. On the other hand keyword’ refers to an activity like what you, as the seller, bid on in your ad campaigns. You must know about how one keyword can cover multiple customers.

Keyword Match Types: 

Keyword Match Types give an idea about the frequency of match between your keyword and customer search term. There are 3 match types found (Broad, Phrase, Exact), all with varying extent of ad targeting precision & monitoring effort required.

Negative Targeting:

 Negative keywords assist the sellers to eliminate unnecessary customer search terms from their ad campaigns. Targeting is definitely a powerful tool to assist you in managing your PPC on Amazon.

Campaign types:

 Running a campaign is different from the manual campaign is that a manual campaign will provide you more accurate results. In an automatic campaign, you let Amazon run your ads for you, and your ad is going to automatically match the search terms relevant to your product. While in the manual campaign, you select the keywords you would like your ad to be displayed.

Dynamic Bidding:

Use Amazon’s dynamic bidding feature to fix bids which let Amazon regulate your bids to support the conversion extent.

How do Amazon Virtual Assistant Conduct Amazon Keyword Research

If you want to succeed on Amazon, you have to play by the book which means manage keyword research.

To assemble an extensive list of keywords for every product, thus estimate the number of search queries that stimulate your product listings and make your list as visible as possible within the Amazon search results.

1. By targeting compliments to your product

By targeting compliments to your product—in the bullet points, within the product representation, or within the concealed keywords-You can make your product appear before to people that aren’t directly trying to find it.

2. Type into the Amazon search bar and look at the keyword suggestion

When you start to enter a search query for a product, Amazon suggests products other consumers commonly search.

3. Look at what you’re ranking on Google

If you sell on your Google website additionally to Amazon, this one is unique to you. Consumers are more likely to start product searches on Amazon than on Google. To be precise, whereas 47 percent of internet buyers begin on Amazon, 35 percent begin on Google.

4. Use a Keyword research tool

If you’d like to perform Amazon keyword research, the Keyword Tool has an Amazon keyword planner. This keyword planner accesses data from the Amazon auto-complete or search suggestion and provides a list of long-tail keywords.

Ways to rank your product higher on Amazon

Having a high product ranking on Amazon is an excellent way to boost your sales, as your product will be visible to more customers when searching for the product. To rank successfully on Amazon, it’s necessary for VA to know how Amazon’s search algorithm (called A9) works

When a search is done on Amazon, a two-step process is used to deliver results. Firstly, they extract relevant results from their catalog then they rank them.

The factors across conversion, relevance, and customer satisfaction that Amazon’s A9 algorithm considers when ranking your product.

  • Sales rank
  • Customer review
  • Price
  • Image size and quality
  • Time on page and bounce rate
  • Product listing completeness
  • Title 
  • Features/Bullet points
  • Product description
  • Brand and manufacturers part number
  • Search terms
  • Order processing speed
  • In stock rate
  • Order defect rate

What does ASIN stand for?

ASIN stands for Amazon Standard number. Almost every product has its own ASIN. It mainly refers to a unique code we use to detect it. For books, the ASIN is similar to the ISBN number, but all products contain a replacement ASIN when the item is uploaded to the catalog.

 ASIN is present on the merchandise detail page alongside further detailed  information related to the product, which can include information like size, number of pages (if it’s a book).


In short, Amazon virtual assistants are transcription specialists and support individuals and businesses of all sizes through virtual assistance. 

Being an Amazon Virtual Assistant (VA) will assist you achieve your earning goals. Building a virtual assistant business is definitely the best way to work for yourself, to make money with freedom.

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